In my experience, the television is an incredibly emotive topic and one that divides most households in to 2 camps - Hide vs Display.

The Hidden camp - usually see it as an unattractive but necessary requirement for the living room and if its large, which most are these days, possibly reflects a sedentary lifestyle.

The Display camp are usually proud of the size of their screen and testosterone driven.

Whichever camp your household is in, rooms are to be lived in - they are not showcases. The issue in many homes is that televisions are not blended in to the living room but tend to dominate the room as they are made in to a feature.

   Display The TV   

Space can be a premium in many living rooms and large cumbersome TV cabinets should be avoided. My recommendation is to put the TV on the wall and place artwork around it.

Blend It With Artwork
If you have a TV stand then place the TV off centre to enable you to put a lamp, flowers and other decorative accessories next to it.
Another way of blending the TV in to the room is to treat it like a fireplace. Place a pair of arm chairs or ottomans in front of the television with a side table in between. The side table can hold the DVD, Cable TV, Apple TV boxes etc. These can be blended in to the side table by placing coffee table books or stacks of magazines underneath.

Remote controls should be placed in lidded boxes or canisters.
Make It Mobile
Be Creative With Floating Shelves

   Hide The TV  

Sliding Or Fold Out Panels
Another idea is to hide the TV by displaying a rug on the wall which is operated by an electronic remote.
Invest In Built-In With A Pop Up Mechanism

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