Natalie Knoll & Macalya Chapman launched their business in 2013 in Australia & NZ. Natalie the talented photographer, Macalya the business leader behind NZ based fashion brands.


Macalya Chapman & Natalie Knoll

They joined forces together with the aim to provide fashion accessories to simplify a woman's life - oversized luxurious scarves with photos from iconic destinations around the world - the scarves are versatile, high quality and provide a creative impact. And let me tell you they do!
Natalie is based in Australia, Macayla in Auckland.

The Essence Of Home


"...was to make it feel like being on a relaxed holiday - natural light was key to create this atmosphere so we invested in skylights and glass internal walls in the stair well. We also had a magnificent mirror custom made for above the pool. Lighting was a large investment both indoors and outdoors, creating a beautiful ambience in the evenings."

"A home must suit your lifestyle - we like to entertain in the open and play family sport. Therefore the key area of our home was the large outdoor space. We made the decision to invest in landscaping the area using a combination of timber & concrete to create a visual impact."

Colour Or Neutral?

The emphasis on neutral tones creates a synergy across Natalie & Macayla's interior style. Each use a pop of colour through the introduction of accessories, scatter cushions, natural wood, indoor plants & foliage.

Favourite Tips To Transform A Room?

"Make a statement in your entrance with one of our scarves - I framed a massive zebra from our African theme and makes a great talking point! In the main I love displaying items from your travels - it's a great way to reflect your personality in your home."


"Lighting - I am obsessed with it and love to change my lighting often like some change their scatter cushions."

Tips For Organising Your Workspace

"White cups for pens, white acrylic boxes, white folders! I chose white but I recommend one colour scheme and stick to it to create order and less clutter."


"My office space is small so I rely on beautiful balinese baskets that I purchased on my travels - They act as an interim filing system whilst keeping things hidden."

What Not Do In The Home?

  • CLUTTER. Everything has a place!
  • Littered Photo frames around the home - Instead put the photos in frames and hang as a gallery on the wall.
  • Art should be eye level - natural instinct for people to hang too high
  • Don¡¯t keep scatter cushions for too long - They start to look tired after a few years and they are an economical way to "freshen up" the home.
TV On The Wall Or Hide In A Cabinet?

"We invested in a cabinet where the TV pops up when in use and neatly housed when not in use - the unit looks like an elegant white room divide - so I believe always explore an option to hide the televesion!"


"I am not a fan of large Televsions as it makes me feel like I am in a sports bar - keep the size minimal and recessed into the wall"

Inspiration Outside Social Media?



Favourite Holiday or Restaurants?


Katikies Hotel, Santorini