Bringing The Outside In


A fact most aren’t aware of - Rattan is a specific material, but wicker is the general process of weaving this wood or other materials into finished goods. A rattan chair is definitely made from that specific wood, but a wicker chair may use other materials such as straw or bamboo slats around a rattan frame.

Too much of anything is not advisable in all aspects of life and the same rule applies to wicker. Mix it with upholstered, painted vs natural and add elements of velvet and leather.

In terms of accessories, elements from the sea are always a good addition for a home in the tropics. Oversized nautilus shells, resin turtle and clam shells are all a green option. Oversized sponges , driftwood bowls, series of pineapples for a table display.

Floral or botanical prints also are another addition as is faux or real potted planters or urns.

Enjoy bringing the outside indoors and freshening up your home over the summer.


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  • Nina Beale