I first met the owner of Atelier Lumira Fragrance House, Almira Armstrong, in Singapore, in 2014. I was immediately captivated by her style & outgoing personality. The story behind her candle range adds to the glamour and experience when you burn the candle and we couldn't wait to get her candles in store shortly after our meeting.

I have just brought in to the store, The NEW ALL white Collezione Bianco range. It contains only 3 scents. Each one is recommended to be lit at different times of the day.





Post University, I pursued a career in marketing which provided me the valuable opportunity to reside and work offshore in LA & New York.

This fuelled my passion for travel, however my love of fragrance started as a young girl. One of my earliest memories was playing with my Mother's perfume bottles at every opportunity and in my teens I taught myself to make candles in our kitchen. I used to give them as gifts to family & friends on special occasions.

Returning to Australia in 2013 with a young family, prompted me to re - think my path ahead and shortly after was the inception of Atelier Lumira. To me, it represented the culmination of all my passions - my love of scent, design & travel. Personally, it doesn't get much better than that!

Each fragrance is a tribute to my early travels, capturing my vivid personal moments and hopefully inspire a sensory escapism.

My wish is to take the owner of each fragrance on a journey they may have had OR may not have experienced before - it is to provide an escapism we all so need in our busy lives and enjoy the memories of our travels.


What advice do you offer anyone starting up their own business?

"Just start now and don't be afraid to take some risk...plan ahead taking in to account hurdles you may cross in 6-12 months time and not just solving the challenges you face today."


Work - Life Balance?

I think so! My tip is to keep moving - We love entertaining at home and we have a date night once a month.


Key ingredients for the Home?

We recently moved house - Our priority was to transform the house in to a sanctuary in which the whole family could retreat to after long days at work & school and also an environment for the children to enjoy. I didn't want to compromise on comfort.

We invested in a lot of paint - primarily white, mirrors to create the illusion of space. Outdoors we invested in planters, textiles and greenery to freshen up the area.


Flowers and of course candles(!!) transform the atmosphere but I reflect my passions through books, stacks of magazine & art work.


I also like to indulge in a touch of gold to add some glamour in to the mix.

My final advice is to focus on the flooring in your space - it is the key design element in any home and also helps to create the flow & continuity between indoors & outdoors. My preference is for wood floors as you can stain them to match your color scheme but I recommend layering with rugs to provide some texture.

Online resources to provide inspiration?


Favourite Restaurant?

I was recently in L.A and loved Gjelina - a Venice staple. It focuses on farm-to-table sharing plates and was definitely worth the wait!


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