Nina's Christmas

The holiday season is one of my favourite times of the year. I love seeing all the festive decorations, fairy lights everywhere and celebrating with family & friends. It is always a memorable time of the year.
I love decorating both the store and my home with red flowers and when in Australia with hydrangeas which are in season December - January. Our Christmas tree reflects our 2 homes which are split between Australia by the sea and Singapore in the jungle. I love to mix coral and sea shells with chinoiserie ornaments and momentos from the children growing up. My daughter's angel still gets top spot on top of the Christmas tree each year. 
Our Christmas has evolved over the past few years as the children & family commitments have changed, so we tend to have the larger celebration on Christmas Eve. I love that sense of anticipation ahead of the big day and Christmas stockings are prepared for Santa's arrival (never too old).
My Entertaining Menu slightly alters each year but the core favourites remain as staples for the main course. I tend to serve a few different styles of canapes and then sit down for main course.