Bungalow 55

Australian, Nina Beale, created Bungalow 55 in 2012 out of her passion for interiors.  Living an expat life for the past 20 years in London & Singapore and moving various times, emphasised the importance of home to help make you feel settled.

Nina began her career in investment banking, in Sydney & London. The fast paced world of finance made home, an even more important place to unwind from the pressure of work life and the importance of a place to entertain family & friends. Her arrival in to Singapore in 2009 highlighted a need for décor accents to add to the home. Nina curated a collection of timeless pieces sourced from around the globe and so began Bungalow 55. 

11 years on, Bungalow 55 has become a known interior styling brand that helps people to transform their existing residence, whether it be a part time or permanent, into an inviting and comfortable home. 

Nina transforms homes using her curated collection of décor items and design inspiration to help reinvent a space. Her focus is to understand the client in terms of their lifestyle, their concerns about the existing space and help to bridge the gap to re-invigorate the space. Recommendations will differ according to whether a client rents or owns a property and the client remains in control of their budget and prioritise where they feel will make the most difference.