My style has a large emphasis on neutral tones and pieces that are classic so that they can be moved anywhere and last for years. Living in the tropics lends itself to bright colours. Painting walls is one way to transform a living space, but for those renting it is not necessarily an option. Painting a door is a possibility as it is easy to return to the state it was taken over and not so costly.
In using colour, My rule is 80% neutral tones in a room and 20% colour so that the colour doesn't overwhelm the room. I personally tend to avoid brightly painted pieces of wooden furniture (found in many Asian inspired furniture) as then the room is dictated by the colour of the furniture and it tends to date quickly.
Using colour in upholstered fabrics on chairs or ottomans are a great way to add a pop of colour to a room as are ceramic lamp bases, lamp shades and rugs.

However, there are smart ways to add colour with minimal expense;

  • Throw blankets
  • Colour of photographs used in photo frames - blue background with silver frame is an easy addition and enjoyable!
  • coloured photo frames
  • Colour code books in a book shelf or on a coffee table
  • Put up a mirror on a bare wall that reflects on to a painting or outside with greenery. Instant colour.
  • Contrasting neutral tones - black and white, brown and black etc also provide colour to a room
  • Bar area - use different colour bottles/liquids to add colour
  • Use gold accents - vases, boxes to add colour and glamour
  • Flowers
  • Indoor plants
  • Fruit
  • Cushions
  • Ceramic pieces
  • Prints
  • paint the back of a bookcase in a colour of choice
  • reframe prints and change the matt surround
  • Colour code pencils in pen holder on desktop